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Event is your Single Point Of Contact for event planning and management of all your activities.

In an ever changing, fast-paced world, success is achieved by making good choices with lasting effects. Most people do not enjoy spending their precious time running around and making phone calls to get information on logistics, such as hotels, meals (menus), transportation, A/V equipment, etc. Time is a valuable resource, and We Can Help You!

We will take the fear of the unknown the unknown quality of services, the fulfillment of your requests and specifications, and timeliness of execution. With our expertise and "You" focused commitment, we exist to assist you in creating an impacting and memorable event.

Simply put . It Is All About You!


Event is founded by a group of vivacious Thai Christians graduates. Together, they formed a strong, young, energetic, English-speaking, creative and innovative team! This unique team has proven their commitment to its customers through the delivery of customer-oriented services and execution excellence.

Event positions and prides itself as the first established event planning expert in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We bring a breath of fresh air to the event planning industry - a specialist in customized events - particularly conferences, corporate meetings, seminars, road shows, community involvement programs, mission trips, recreational and incentive trips and other professional event services. We just don't only execute. We CREATIVELY PLAN & EXECUTE your events.

We want to become the leading event planner in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Recognizing our lofty vision will take all owners, employees, and vendors to daily live out the vision we represent. We achieve the vision by PRODUCING THE SAME QUALITY OF SERVICE AND RESULT EVERY TIME.

Event recognizes that our success is driven by our commitment to all our customers. The key to success is our uncompromising commitment to quality and customer service from every person on the EVENT team. This includes constant evaluation and providing proactive feedback to all the vendors in ensuring quality of service for you.

We implement a Vendor of Choice policy. The Vendor of Choice policy means that all vendors must meet our stringent standard and requirements before engaging their services. The quality of services provided by the vendors is evaluated pre, during and post events to ensure consistent delivery based on our standard and requirements.