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Songthaew means literally "two rows;" the colored trucks you'll see are called this because riders sit in the back on two tong benches. Songthaews are sometimes called siilor, which means "four wheels." (The three-wheeled bicycles which take riders short distances are called saamlor, which means "three wheels." Saamlors generally run to and from market areas and charge around 20-30 baht.)

Like tuk-tuks, red songthaews don't travel on a set route, but wherever the drivers wish within Chiang Mai. If you are traveling to a private residence or an out of the way place, it may be expected that you will travel as the only fare and pay about the same amount as in a tuk-tuk. But if you're going to or from a major intersection or a popular public place (like a market area or Kad Suan Kaew shopping center) and the driver is willing to go that way, you can travel "tammada" (regular) and pay 8 baht per person. Traveling "tammada" means the driver may pick up and drop off other passengers along the way. If you travel "tammada" to a further distance within town, you might be asked for 10 baht per person. A songthaew driver with several fares decides his route according to the passengers, so the route taken to your destination may not be direct.

Yellow, white, light blue and green songthaews travel on prescribed routes, usually running between Kad Lung (the bus stop area between Lamyay market and the river) and a nearby town. They charge 10 baht, and they don’t run after 6:00 PM. The colors and roads they travel are roughly:

  • white — Kad Luang to Sankamphang (east on Charoen Mung road)
  • light blue — Kad laung to Lamphun (south on Chaing Mai-Lamphun road)
  • yellow — some travel to Doi Saket and some travel to Mae Rim; check their sign
  • green — northeast on Kaew Nawarat to the Superhighway and then north on the MaeJo road

Tuk Tuk
This is definitely the quickest transportation option available. Prices are sometimes a bit higher than for red mini-buses, but in a tuk-tuk you can be sure you will always be the only fare picked up. It's also sometimes a fun, adventurous ride (although bumpy). All fares need to be negotiated before entering the tuk-tuk. Within the city, fares generally run between 40-50 baht. If you travel as far as the superhighway or to an out-of-the-way place, you may have to pay 60-80 baht or at times perhaps up to 100. Prices are oftentimes higher during high traffic periods and are sometimes higher in bad weather.

Source: Exerpts from Lonely Planet, Northern Thailand and Chiang Mai City

Thai Airways
053 211 044-6
Silk Air www.silkair.com 053 276 459
Bangkok Airways
053 281 519

All passengers leaving Thailand on international flights are charged an international departure tax, officially called Airport Service Charge, of 500 baht. The tax is NOT included in the price of air tickets, but is paid at the checkout counter. Only baht is accepted. Be sure to have enough baht left over at the end of your trip to pay this tax – otherwise, you will have to revisit one of the currency exchange booths at the arrival hall.

Source: Exerpts from Lonely Planet, Northern Thailand and Chiang Mai City

  • Chiang Mai
    Tel: 053 248 604 Fax: 053 248 605
    Email: tatcnx@samart.co.th
    105/1 Thanon Chiang Mai-Lamphun, Chiang Mai 50000

  • Chiang Rai
    Tel: 053 717 433 Fax: 053 717 434
    Email: tatcei@loxinfo.co.th
    448/16 Thanon Singkhlai, Chiang Rai 57000

Country Telephone number Address
Australia 053 221 083 165 Thanon Sirimankhalajan
Austria 053 400 231 15 Mu 1, Thanon Huay Kaew
Canada 053 224 851 151 Thanon Chiang Mai-Lampang (Hwy 11)
China 053 276 125 111 Thanon Chang Lor
Finland 053 234 777 104-112 Thanon Tha Phae
France 053 281 466 138 Thanon Charoen Prathet

053 838 735 dekonsul@loxinfo.co.th
199/163 Mu 3, Baan Nai Fan 2, Thanon Kan Khlong Chonlaprathan
India 053 243 066 344 Thanon Faham (Charoen Rat)
Japan 053 203 367 104-107 Airport Business Park, 90 Mahidon
Sweden 053 220 844 YMCA International Hotel, Santitham
UK & Ireland 053 263 015 198 Thanon Bamrungrat
USA 053 252 629-31 387 Thanon Wichayanon

     Thai Airways www.thaiair.com
     Silk Air www.silkair.com
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Thailand


Tourist Information www.tourismthailand.org
Visa Information www.thaivisa.com

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